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Donna Karan: Bunny Butcher

We need you to help stop Donna Karan from selling fur! There's no excuse for her company to sell fur from bunnies who have been slaughtered, skinned, and abused, right?

We want your help to make Donna Karan go fur-free, and below are some great ways you can help. Remember: If you are not already a member, join the Street Team, and if you have any questions, get in touch with us.

Activity Points
Organize a Protest Against Donna Karan
Let Donna Karan know how you feel by organizing a protest at a local store. This is a bit localized, but if you live in or around New York, Boston, or Southern California, then check out our peta2 guide to protests for some tips on making your protest a success. Remember to e-mail peta2@peta2.com if you need leaflets, signs, or other backup.
E-mail Donna Karan Executives
E-mail Carole Kerner, president of Donna Karan New York, and Mark Weber, chair and CEO of Donna Karan International Inc, a personal message explaining why you won't support her company. Personal letters are harder for her to ignore. Plus, you can make the message entirely your own!

Please send polite comments to:
Carole Kerner
President of DKNY

Mark Weber
Chairman and CEO, Donna Karan International Inc.
Spread the Word
Leafleting at your school, a local shopping mall, a library, or any other place that loads of people visit is an effective way to get the message out about compassionate alternatives to fur. E-mail peta2@peta2.com to request some leaflets to hand out so that everyone can know of the cruelty that goes into Donna Karan's fashions. Just make sure you get permission first!
Get Petitions Signed
Download and print our petition, then gather signatures from friends and anyone else at school and shows. Once you've filled up a few pages with signatures, mail off the completed petitions to the address below, and we'll reward you with an additional 50 Street Team points for each e-mail address that you get.
peta2 Petitions
501 Front St.
Norfolk, VA 23510
Join the "Donna Karan: Bunny Butcher" Cause on Facebook
Oh, come on, we know you're on Facebook. Add this page and tell your friends to do it too! You can talk about all the great things you're doing to help the campaign and meet some new people too.
Tell Your Friends
Share this site on Facebook or Twitter—or wherever you are online. Whether you have five friends or 5,000, sharing with your friends is a great way to expose the cruelty that goes into wearing the skins of dead animals.

Make sure you send in all your action reports through our Street Team page! We'll totally hook you up with some points.